"I'll bet most of the companies that are in life-or-death battles got into that kind of trouble because they didn't pay enough attention to developing their leaders."
Wayne Calloway
Former Chairman / Pepsico


We believe that investing in their leaders is the most impactful yet most commonly overlooked tool fast-growing companies have in building successful, resilient organisations.

Our work at MTL is dedicated to creating and holding space for leaders to grow. We operate as an informal collective of coaches / consultants, firmly rooted in startup world and inspired by practices from systemic constructivist thinking, non-violent communication and the reality of operating in venture-backed businesses.

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Anna Löw

Anna has been working with tech startups for the past 8 years and she's seen the whole bandwidth from startup to corporate. In her work she has built up broad HR experience in different companies cultures and industries. Currently she works as Head of People Operations for Giant Swarm and is leading the People & Organisational Development function. Anna is a trained and certified systemic coach and mediator. Her consulting work focuses on international recruiting, remote work, agile leadership and personnel development.

Jenny Jung

Jenny has been working with fast-growing businesses in the digital world for the last decade. Previous roles include VP People & Operations at EyeEm, Portfolio Manager at VC firm Lakestar and COO of Factory Berlin. She consults on organisational development and HR and regularly facilitates offsites and workshops for leadership teams. A certified systemic coach and process supporter, Jenny enjoys working with founders, co-founder groups and executives. She is part of the consultant team at artop GmbH – Affiliate Institute of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


As experts in people management, organisational development, new work and HR, we work with companies undergoing growth and change. We help organisations create the structures and decision making processes that best serve their mission and facilitate strategy and team building formats.

Coaching (remote & in person)
We support founders, co-founder teams, execs, new managers and team members in navigating challenges in their personal and professional development.

PEER2PEER Coaching (remote & in person)
We enjoy enabling teams and peer groups to support each other on their professional and personal development paths. Our format works well with leadership teams or groups of people who hold similar positions. After an initial learning phase, groups can continue working together without external support.

When conflicts are beyond the point of internal resolution, we step in. We provide professionally facilitated mediation, a highly structured and process-oriented method of conflict management as well as systemic conflict resolution. We work impartially and help conflict parties to develop win-win solutions.

Custom work
Life isn’t black and white and most companies' needs don’t fit one bucket. If there’s something you’d like to think about together Get in touch

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