"I'll bet most of the companies that are in life-or-death battles got into that kind of trouble because they didn't pay enough attention to developing their leaders."
Wayne Calloway
Former Chairman / Pepsico


We believe that investing in leaders is the most impactful yet most commonly overlooked tool (startup) companies have in building successful, resilient organisations.

Generic leadership trainings that don’t take into account the specific nature and challenges of venture-backed organisations can’t properly address the needs of team leads who work under constant pressure to ship.

That’s why we started MindTheLeader as a network of professionals and coaches with operational startup background. People who have walked the walk before they talk the talk.

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new managers

FALL 2018

6-month program
kick-off november 2018 in berlin

When you are working with a startup, chances are high that you’ll have a shot at taking on more and more responsibility and moving up the ranks quickly - maybe even a bit quicker than you would like.

From one day to the next, you’re no longer only responsible for your own work but you need to ensure that quality results are delivered by a bunch of people - sometimes by your former peers or friends. You start getting asked questions you don’t know the answer to, have to build and nurture a high-performing team and navigate a million difficult conversations each day - upwards and downwards. You’re asked to deal with ambiguity, take decisions and act in the interest of the company - without always knowing exactly what that means.

In our work, we meet many leaders who struggle as new managers - that goes for founders as much as line-management. Same goes the other way around: solid managers struggle in building up their leadership capacity and move past the tactical aspects of their work.

Nobody is born a manager OR a leader and in fast-paced environments we often find that the hard-skill side to management as well as the soft-skill, reflective qualities of good leadership aren’t catered to as much as needed. When organisations grow faster than the people steering it, time is wasted, clients are lost and bad hires are made. Let’s put a stop to that.

We designed this 6-month program for new managers & leaders, combining hands-on managerial skill training and a safe space for self-reflection and building leadership capacity with others who face similar challenges.

Dates, logistics and more info coming soon. Apply to stay updated!

upcoming programs

HR & People Operations

FALL 2018

6-month program
kick-off october 19th-21st 2018 in berlin

As People Operations and HR Leaders in fast-growing businesses, you are facing a tough challenge: You are expected to be the reasonable and objective go-to person when sh*t hits the fan. You need to protect both the business interest of the company and the work environment of the employees, enabling our teams to thrive and achieve. Your role, by design, has no peers in the organisation.

A solid People Operations leader is both a high-performing director over a variety of functions and tasks as well as a sounding board to the CEO and the entire organisation. But way too often you find yourself struggling handling everything operational and at the same time driving a strategic People agenda that supports the business and its culture.

Neither academic studies nor traditional HR work have really prepared you for this challenge! At the same time, the demand from the business side keeps increasing.

If this sounds familiar, this program is for you.

The program addresses the needs of People Ops leaders, combining guided introspective work, peer coaching and case study consultation.

We offer a closed, confidential environment which participants can turn to for personal growth, navigating their role, learning best-practices, asking for support and building a solid network of peers that will last beyond the program.

  • A professional, experienced peer group with leaders facing similar challenges
  • Training in peer coaching methodology
  • Professionally facilitated coaching sessions & supervision
  • Peer consultation on real People Operations challenges from your organisation
  • “Emergency” group consultations in between sessions

You will be joining an exclusive, focused, learning group of peers - all owning the People / HR function within their organisations.

Over the course of 6 months we will work on how you show up as a leader, and support you in identifying behavioural patterns and thought processes that are limiting your leadership capacity and business impact. We use a variety of methods practices rooted in systemic coaching, neuroscience and contemplative practices to provoke self-reflection.

One of the core methods we use in peer coaching is collegiate consultation - a way of supporting a group member in tackling challenges without giving advice. You will learn this coaching methodology and support each other in navigating critical incidents in your work twice a month. Weekly journaling exercises will keep you committed to ongoing self-inquiry and introspective work. On top of that, we help facilitate hands-on knowledge exchange via workshops and case study work based on current challenges in your organisation.

Our facilitators are experienced People Operations leaders themselves with a solid background in coaching and designing training and learning experiences in fast-growing businesses.

From venture capital firms to leading start-ups within the tech and digital spaces, they have lead people organisations, scaled companies and advised founders and teams across a series of markets.

Jenny Buch

Anna Löw

Jenny Jung

what you need to know


The program is designed for People Ops leaders in startup businesses with 50+ employees. To be eligible for participation you have to be leading the People / HR / Culture function in your company—that doesn’t mean you have to have an HR title or focus on HR only.

The program includes:

  • Kick-off weekend in Berlin
    (in person), October 19th-21st
  • 6 months of bi-monthly peer coaching sessions (remotely facilitated via video conference)
  • "Emergency" support in between sessions
  • Group consultation on case studies from the participants’ organisations (individually scheduled)

A commitment to the kick-off weekend as well as 80% of the peer-coaching sessions are mandatory. We're offering a early bird discount of 20% for applicants until August 20th. After that the entire program will be available for 600€/month net.

Accomodation, travel and lodging at the kick-off will be covered by the participants separately. Upon confirmation participants will be billed for a deposit payment to secure their spot.

Not sure if this is for you? Get in touch and we'll find out together!

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