When everyone turns to HR, who does HR turn to? 
We're offering this program on a pay-what-you-can / pro-bono basis for people leading HR and People Ops efforts in these exceptional times.
Jenny Jung
Founder / MindTheLeader

ABOUt the program

People Ops Leaders are facing unprecedented challenges in their work. Some of us thrive now, given the changing needs of our organisations. It’s good to feel needed and appreciated and crisis offers people ops workers and their organisations new grounds for experimentation in organisational development. Great learnings are being made now and waiting to be shared.

Others among us may feel overwhelmed. Particularly once we close our laptops and are thrown back into our personal realities. What happens to us, when we’ve done our day’s work and no longer have other people’s needs to distracting us from our own? How do we stay stable and build more resilience for the uncertain times ahead of us?

From what we’ve seen in previous MTL groups and in our work with many teams (some of them remote by default) coming together with people who truly understand what is happening in our professional world is a powerful resource of support - especially in times of crisis. For this reason we are launching a new MTL peer group for professionals leading People Operations and HR. We'll come together each week for peer coaching sessions, guided journaling exercises, expert consultation (e.g. crisis management, remote HR, stress reduction) and knowledge exchange around the particular People Ops ad Org Dev questions we are currently facing.

We’ve rallied up experts in remote HR, change management, organisational development, crisis communication and stress management who will offer their guidance in group workshops and on-demand 1to1 coaching (paid separately) in between sessions.

WHO can apply?

People Ops & HR leaders in startup & scale up companies, NGOs and other non for profit organisations across European timezones.

UPDATE: This group is already oversubscribed due to an overwhelming number of applicants. If we can secure additional facilitation resources in the upcoming weeks, we will launch a second group.

what does it cost?

If your company can afford to pay for your participation, we suggest to pay a symbolic fee of 500€ which will be distributed among the contributors. If your company cannot afford to pay for your participation please still apply -  we will subsidise cost for as many participants as possible. You can also choose to give back to the contributors by booking 1to1 coaching between group sessions.


  • April 8th, 4:30-6pm: Kick-off, Voting on expert consultations
  • Bi-weekly after April 8th: 4 professionally facilitated peer coaching sessions
  • Bi-weekly after April 8th: 4 Expert consultations e.g. on:
    Survival Strategies in remote HR
    Stress Management for HR Professionals
    Crisis Communication
  • Self-organized: “Emergency” group consultations in between sessions
  • Bi-weekly journaling prompts for guided introspection
  • On-demand 1on1 coaching (billed separately)


Anna Löw, Head of People Ops, Giantswarm (fully remote since 2014), Certified Systemic Coach
Sören Studer, Psychologist, Behavioural Therapist i.T., Founder TheSelfCare
tba, Senior Change Manager, Certified Systemic Coach
Claudia Wagner, Change, Crisis & Interim Manager, Certified Systemic Coach

Jenny Jung, Founder MindTheLeader, Organisational Development & HR Consultant, Certified Systemic Coach

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