“Great opportunity and great program. You can connect with others, creating a solid network, share experiences, deep dive, reflect and also learn from other specialists in your area other areas of interest.” #highlyrecommended
Rani Verschoor,
Lead Organisational Development, N26
tba, 2019


  • An intense 2-day kick-off with focus on introspective work, setting development goals, training in peer coaching methodology and familiarizing with the group
  • 8 hands-on management training units
  • 12 professionally facilitated peer coaching sessions (remote)
  • Peer consultation on real challenges from your organisation (scheduled individually)
  • Weekly voluntary journaling assignments for guided introspection
  • On-demand 1on1 coaching (billed separately)

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Over the course of this 6 month program we will work on how you show up for your team and your manager and support you in finding your own authentic leadership style. Hands-on management training sessions are accompanied by coaching elements rooted in:

  • systemic coaching,
  • constructivist thinking,
  • guided introspective work and
  • contemplative practices to provoke

The training curriculum includes:

  • Dimensions of Leadership
  • Finding your leadership style
  • Transitioning from expert to manager
  • Effective team structures & delegation
  • Feedback & communications theory
  • Hiring & firing
  • Conflict resolution.


TBA 2019

2-day program kick-off (in Berlin)

8 Training units (remote)

12 Peer coaching sessions (remote)




Anna Löw

Anna has been working with tech startups for the past 8 years and she's seen the whole bandwidth from startup to corporate. In her work she has built up broad HR experience in different companies cultures and industries. Currently she works as Head of People Operations for Giant Swarm and is leading the People & Organisational Development function. Anna is a trained and certified systemic coach and mediator. Her consulting work focuses on international recruiting, remote work, agile leadership and personnel development.

Jenny Jung

Jenny has been working with fast-growing businesses in the digital world for the last decade. Her previous roles include VP People & Operations at EyeEm, Portfolio Manager at the VC firm Lakestar and founding member & COO of Factory Berlin. She spends a large part of her time consulting startup founders and companies on organisational development and HR implementation, facilitating 360 feedbacks and enabling new managers. Jenny is currently training as systemic coach at the ARTOP Institut (HU Berlin).

Nelli Quakernack

Nelli is a People & Organisation consultant and coach. Her past experience includes permanent and interim leading HR roles in the design and advertising industry, as well as startups. In her work she guides HR teams, founders and managers through the process of building great teams. She also advises on the development and improvement of HR processes in periods of change, growth and transformation. As a systemic coach she enables her clients to navigate the challenges of our fast-paced world while exploring their resources and strengths.



Nobody is born a manager OR a leader and in fast-paced environments we often find that the hard-skill side to management as well as the soft-skill, reflective qualities of good leadership aren’t catered to as much as needed. When organisations grow faster than the people steering it, time is wasted, clients are lost and bad hires are made. Let’s put a stop to that.

When you are working with a startup, chances are high that you’ll have a shot at taking on more and more responsibility and moving up the ranks quickly - maybe even a bit quicker than you would like. From one day to the next, you’re no longer only responsible for your own work but you need to ensure that quality results are delivered by a bunch of people - sometimes by your former peers or friends. You start getting asked questions you don’t know the answer to, have to build and nurture a high-performing team and navigate a million difficult conversations each day - upwards and downwards. You’re asked to deal with ambiguity, take decisions and act in the interest of the company - without always knowing exactly what that means.

We designed this program for new managers & leaders, combining hands-on managerial skill training and a safe space for self-reflection and building leadership capacity with others who face similar challenges.

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